B7 APC Armour Kit - APC Hull Optimisation Project

AAE has recently successfully carried out a full design optimisation project with its B7 APC Armour Kit for one of its valued clients.

We were tasked with a clear criteria:

  • Reduce manufacturing times
  • improve protection levels
  • Reduce weight and costs

The CEO of the company had a vision, He wanted to have his APC design recognised as the best in class for design, protection and value and to reduce the lead time to manufacture without compromising either protection or quality. Enter our B7 APC Armour Kit.

Working closely together with the clients design, engineering and manufacturing team we worked on completely redesigning the ARMORED personnel carrier hull. Jointly we identified 3 key areas that needed improvement.

The floor assembly was reviewed initially, which we identified to have excessive amounts of weld and took a significant time to assemble. Following a design optimisation review and implementing the changes with design engineers, the final product design allowed us to transform the floor assembly to a single piece floor complete with a 1 piece transmission tunnel.

The second phase of the review was to optimise a complex firewall. The part count and assembly time was significantly high; in a short space of time and meetings with the customer, we were able to reduce the pieces required and bend to some really tight tolerances which helped the engineers assemble the armoured steel hull much more quickly than any previous builds.

Finally we worked on the side walls, roof, windshield and rear panel, due to us having large area armour sheets in stock to the right protection level and large format laser cutting and bending equipment we dramatically reduced the need for welding and instead replaced it with cold formed panels that where pressed to within 1 degree accuracy. This enabled the vehicles to fit together like a Meccano set and enabled our client to assemble 8 vehicles within 1 week as opposed to the previous design which took more than 1 week to assemble 1 vehicle!

The outcome was our clients customer was highly delighted with the quality of the vehicle structure and the significant reduction in time to manufacture resulting in more orders.

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