Advanced Armour Engineering to take delivery of 800t CNC Press brake

British-owned AAE has recently invested in a large format high powered press brake machine to complement the 2 high tech bending machines that are already installed at their manufacturing facility in Dubai. With a bending length of 7.2m and 800 tonnes of force the new press brake is capable of forming longer laser cut components to a high level of accuracy, the machine is equipped with dynamic crowning to ensure bends are true and square on even the highest grade of materials such as armour plate.

To complement the machine AAE has also invested heavily in bespoke manufactured tooling specifically design for forming a wide range of Quenched and Tempered steels, these include such materials as high strength, wear resistant and armoured grade steel with a brinell hardness above that 600HB.

Business Development Manager Owen Hall commented, “ The new press brake is the perfect addition to our large bed laser cutting machines, this coupled with our long term experience and bespoke tooling allows us to produce larger components in high grade materials for machinery application such as tipper trailer body sections, vehicle chassis rails and armoured vehicle components such as vehicle sides, roofs and blast floors in fewer pieces”.

Advanced Armour Engineering is a high technology British owned and managed material processing/design optimisation specialist. Operating from a secure modern 3,000 Sq. m manufacturing facility based in the Jebel Ali Techno Park, UAE.

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