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Bending Armox & CNC Bending

Advanced Armour Engineering is recognised by many global manufacturers as one of the most technically advanced and experienced companies for bending Armox and high grade materials such as armoured steel and wear plate.

Our unique capabilities and experience means we can produce complex pressed parts in high grade materials such as Armox Advance and other 600HB grade steels that very few companies around the world are able to do. 

To complement our already impressive manufacturing equipment we have recently invested in a brand new 7.2m 800T press brake. This new machine comes with a Dynamic Crowning feature, this enables us to ensure all that bends whatever the grade are accurate and uniform across the entire length of the bend.

We have also invested in some unique designed heavy duty tooling to ensure we can handle the bending of components such as military APC / MRAP "V" shaped floors and also 1 piece military vehicles sides that are manufactured from heavy gauge high grade armoured plate.

We are also capable of bending Armox and long chassis sections in high strength steels as well as Tipper body sides in materials such as Hardox wear resistant Steels. 

Our technicians often work with our customers to implement our bending process in areas of their design that has conventionally been a welded.

There are a number of benefits to doing this.

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Reduction in manufacturing times
  3. Improved integrity of the structure
  4. Improved assembly accuracy

As an example, in military applications it is well know that welded areas are weaker at absorbing both KE threats and explosive blasts, by replacing the welded joint with cold forming we can significantly improve the protection and often the aesthetic appearance as well.

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