B7 Armour Kit - SUV Optimisation Project

Earlier this year we were approached by one of our valued customers who wanted us to "Think outside the box" with our B7 Armour Kit design. The customer had a number of issues with their current design that they wanted to change.

  1. Excessive long manufacturing times
  2. Consistent issues with fit up of parts in the current design
  3. Potential weak areas in protection due to excessive welding that required additional backing plates to ensure protection
  4. Armour kit weight.

After an in depth optimisation process we identified a number of areas in the vehicle armour that would significantly reduce the number of parts required and also time to manufacture.

A few examples of the optimised parts that the customer agreed to change were:

  • Original floor and transmission tunnel was in 15 pieces
    The new design was in just 4 pieces and cold formed to within 1 degree accuracy
  • Original Roof was in 3 pieces
    The new design was a 1 piece 3 dimensional cold formed part
  • Original Fuel tank protection was a 9 piece fabrication
    The new design was in 1 piece
  • Original rear quarter panels where in 3 pieces
    The new design was an extremely accurate 1 piece pressing

Other additional areas where design changes were implemented:

  • Battery box protection
  • Rear wheel arches
  • Rear door
  • Firewall
  • Engine protection

The outcome and benefits realised to the customer was:

  1. Reduced total vehicle parts required by 35%
  2. Reduced manufacturing times by 27%
  3. Reduced weight by removing the need for weld backing strips
  4. Output of production line improved, which allowed the client to manufacture more vehicles

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