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Optimised Armour

Most successful businesses follow the path of continuous improvement, introducing efficiency gains through the design of the product and the manufacturing process. We have great depth to our experience in supporting worldwide defence prime contractors in delivering such efficiency gains.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the defence and security equipment manufacturing sector, our highly trained technicians have successfully assisted many of the world’s leading Armoured APC and SUV manufacturer’s in reducing, vehicle weight, manufacturing times and parts required as well as increasing protection levels.

We have invested in the latest generation large scale processing equipment, this coupled with our experience, knowledge and deep understanding of armoured grade materials and unique cold forming capabilities makes us the obvious choice when looking to enhance structures and components manufactured from high grade materials.

Our dedicated design team work together with you and your engineers and manufacturing experts to assist you in achieving lighter, stronger and lower cost products. Advanced Armour Engineering is regarded by many of the major defence vehicle OEMs as the market leader in this service.

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