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SUV Armour Kit


They key issue with any SUV armour kit is always Weight Vs Protection levels. In an ever demanding market clients are looking for the highest possible protection levels without compromising price or the vehicles handling capability.

At Advanced Armour Engineering we are seen by most of the leading Armoured vehicle manufacturers as the solution to this issue. With years of experience in design optimisation and integration techniques of the latest generation armour we are leading the way in opening up more cost effective methods to not only increase protection and reduce weight but also to drastically reduce the amount of parts and time required to manufacture the vehicle.

Be it a B7 SUV or a B6 CIT we are here to help you with the supply of “Latest Generation SUV Armoured Kits”.

SUV Armour can be supplied in laser cut kit form to defeat a wide range of international standards including AP rounds such as:

  • NIJ Levels
  • CEN-B4 to B7
  • STANAG 4569
  • VPAM

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